Glasses image These stories are subject to copyright protection all rights are reserved with the following exception.

Stories may be downloaded, subjected to minor edits, printed onto paper and displayed within a business premises.

The fee for a story allows display at one location only, if you have more than one location you need to make a payment for each location that you wish to show the story in.

For the sake of clarity you may not include these stories on a web site, trade in or redistribute them.

Download In Bulk

Stories can be download in bulk as a zip file containing each story as a MS word docx file in a ready to print format.

As potential customers may be unsure about the idea we have made the buying process as simple and as risk free as we reasonably can.
  • Download either the editor's pick or the 46 story pack, I would start off with the editor's pick.

  • Look at them at your leisure, possibly printing them off so you can see them in your context.

  • If you plan to use them come back here and make a payment.

Link Details Fee Pay The Editor's Pick of 12 stories as a single zip file covering various themes. £10 The first 46 stories as a single zip file. £25 The first 46 stories as a single zip file, use this option if you have already purchased the editor's pick as some stories will be in both. £15

If you look at the titles you will see that there are a couple of numbers missing in the sequence numbers, these are stories that were withdrawn for quality reasons.