Glasses image These stories are subject to copyright protection all rights are reserved with the following exception.

Stories may be downloaded, subjected to minor edits, printed onto paper and displayed within a business premises.

The fee for a story allows display at one location only, if you have more than one location you need to make a payment for each location that you wish to show the story in.

For the sake of clarity you may not include these stories on a web site, trade in or redistribute them.

Download In Bulk

Stories can be download in bulk as a zip file containing each story as a MS word docx file in a ready to print format.

However as the process is download the file and then make the payment there is no risk, if you don't like what you have got then just delete it.

Link Details Fee Pay The first 49 stories as a single zip file. £25

We may add more bulk packs in the futire if there is a demand, but we don't want to make the process too confusing.