I didn't know that it was nicked, it was just so cheap!

me in the garden

Stolen Norco Valence bicycle (bike), Worcester

I appreciate that those who steal things don't care, so this is a page aimed at those who buy stolen goods and then pretend that they never know that it was nicked.

Sorry Client or Employer I Couldn't Come In Today....

When you get up in the morning you expect that your transport will be there.
Picture of a stolen bike

I got up on a Friday morning, planning to ride into work.

But there was no bike to get there, it wasn't a drunken prank whoever took it intended to take it, so if you buy it remember where it came from.

I often see articles where the person who took the bike blames the owner for not locking it up securely enough.

This is of course false reasoning, there are always strong locks and better cutters, it's just an excuse, I could so I did.

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