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What will a ghost do?
Pretty much anything that is reasonable, turn up and wail, if that is what you want, or just be there shimmering. Most ghosts can interact with objects, Poltergeists, but the degree varies between ghosts.

Can I specify time and date?
You can specify a date, but not a time, as discussed elsewhere the Time Frames are so different that exact timing is impractical. Good ghosts will try to ensure that you get the maximum exposure at your busiest times.

How much does it cost?
The exact rates need to be negotiated, but the Ghost market is competing with Strip-o-grams, Gorilla-grams and other forms of entertainment.

How long do I book?
Ghosts are booked on a daily basis.

What about a pet's ghost?
A pet lacks the necessary intelligence to be able to grasp the concept, so they can not be hired. However a pet owner and his pet may be booked as the owner has the same control over the pet as he did when both were alive.

I think that this is all a load of nonsense!
Doh, of course it is.