Initial Programming Language

The game is written using a programming language called Initial Programming Language.

if you would like more details on this please go to IPL .

IPL is much more like a 1980s home computer BASIC than a modern Windows programming language, so it is easy to pick up, this means that you can change the game if want to.

Possibly even go on to teaching the kids the basics of programming without getting totally lost in the minutia necessary for commerical apps which get in the way of playing around.

Download A Simple Ghost Game

Screen shot of the game
A simple game where a ghost chases drinks, some are spirits and some are pints around a grid.

  • Download IPL from Initial Programming Language installation (3MB).
  • Run the installation.
  • Open the file Ghost1.ipl in C:\Program Files (x86)\IPL\Samples\Ghost.
  • Click on the green circle with the word GO in the Initial Programming Language.

Game Notes
  • Each time a drink passes through a beer pump one destroyed drink is reinstated.
  • The ghost can not pass through a beer pump but drinks can.

Changing The Game
  • To edit the game code <Tab> edits the current line and <Enter> adds a new command.
The game is written using the Initial Programming Language, a programming language aimed at beginners, the download on the linked to page includes a version of the Initial Programming Language so you can change the game program.

This is a Microsoft Windows only game, it does not run on Linux, Macs or mobiles.

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