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Car Insurance Premiums Explained
Ever wondered why your car insurance premium is what it is, simulated motor quotes showing the full calculation.

Beginners Share Dealing
Everybody knows that shares should b held for the medium or long term, but is everybody right?

One Page Ghost Stories As "Ice Breakers" Or Conversation Starters

Cat surrounde by yellow stars Aimed at many in the hospitality business, especially pubs, restaurants and cafes possibly even take-aways, we are offering a range of short stories that you can print off, frame and put on your wall or laminate and put on your tables.

All based around traditional spiritual beliefs, rumour and just plain humour the idea is to help to stimulate conversation between;
  • Regular customers who have long since exhausted all other topics of conversation.

  • New customers who are looking for a safe topic of conversation with strangers.

  • New couples or groups who could use something to break the ice amongst themselves.

  • Long term couples or groups who can laugh or chat together over an unexpected topic.
We didn't come out tonight intending to talk about Nemesis The Hellbound Cat or the The Jiang Shi of China but ....

Are The Stories Short Enough And Cheap Enough For My Pub/Restaurant

Very small image of a peice of A4 with the story on it Each story fits onto one page of A4 so is easy to display on a restaurant's tables or a pub's notice board. As well as being easy to display most people can read a page of A4 quite quickly and will read to the end even if they are not that interested.

Some of the stories are pure Ghost Story, some are factual and some are factual reporting of beliefs in ghosts, spirits or similar non-corporeal beings.

These stories can be downloaded for free as plain text which is easy to edit but looks naff, please note that they are still subject to copyright.

The stories can also be downloaded as a nicely formatted Word document and these are charged for at £1 per story or significantly less if you buy in bulk.

To access stories individually select a category in the area below and look at as many or as few as you wish.


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SnowmanLight Hearted948929 
Soul GhostLight Hearted947928 
Rufus The Funny GhostLight Hearted946936Yes
How to Get the Most from Your Haunted ExperienceLight Hearted8451006 
Trapped Between WorldsLight Hearted844928 
The Dybbuk Factual/Belief3431073 
Banff Springs Hotel, AlbertaTrue(ish)3421013 
Dragsholm CastleFactual/Belief3401281 
The black holeSciFi/Ghostly639971 

Customise - The Crown, The Red Lion, The Plough Or The Kings Head

All of the stories can be downloaded as an MS Word document and edited to include the name of your business, generally they work as generic stories, but adding your business name in and possibly changing a word here or there can give them more of a personal feel.

The Bistro was the most popular restaurant in town and the food was always great, but for some reason it always tasted better on Wednesdays.

Can become

The Old Chef's Arms, Worcester was the most popular restaurant .......