Glasses image Sometimes science is so blinded by tradition that even the obvious is not allowed to be seen.

If you were a scientist would you risk ridicule by investigating ghosts, and imagine what would happen if you said that they actually existed.

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Why Buy A Ghost?

Empty street If you are in the hospitality business, then you will know how tough business is nowadays.

There's so much choice that many businesses are buying customers, offering food or drink at prices that are unsustainable in the long term and offering this in uninspired and uninteresting buildings.

A ghost gives your business something rare, something that will be talked about by both your customers and even better by customers in your competitor’s places.

Why Would A Ghost Want Money?

Empty street Ghosts clearly have no need of money, but it is also the wrong question to be asking!

Ghosts do remember their family and friends, so the right question would be "why wouldn't my friend want to help me?"

Obviously you can't actually buy a ghost, in the same way that you can't buy a person, but you can hire their time, the trouble is that Rent A Ghost is a BBC children's TV program.

I have never seen a ghost.

Empty street Most people haven’t and there is a surprisingly simple reason; Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity and Time Dilation. This isn't half baked, woolly hatted mumbo jumbo, it's hard core science. Put horribly crudely, a ghost is a very low mass/energy object for whom time is passing massively faster than it is for us.

It is generally reckoned that something that is in vision for less than 1/25th of a second cannot be seen, from a ghost’s perspective, our 1/25th of a second is a few hours. Only by standing unmoving for hours at a time (in the ghost's Time Frame), can a ghost be visible to us. Doing this requires a great deal of motivation on the ghost’s part, this motivation is usually a desire to contact someone either to reassure them or terrorise them.